Replace Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very durable material that requires less maintenance than almost any other siding you can choose for your home. Never needs painting and has a BEAUTIFUL finished look. Raise the value of your home. Lots of colors and styles to choose from.

Over time, Vinyl siding is exposed to sun, wind, rain and snow. There are all kinds of different sidings to choose from that holds up well to all these conditions. CertainTeed Monogram .46 Vinyl siding is one of them.With Lifetime Fade Protection. Because of new technology you can relax and feel free to choose BRIGHT Colors.

Wind Damage

Wind is Vinyl sidings biggest weakness. CertainTeed Monogram .46 Vinyl siding has Rigid Form-220. This double thick .092” rolled over nail hem design increases wind resistance and stiffens the panel. This design has been tested *to withstand wind load pressures up to 220 mph. Also CertiLock is a locking system features self-aligning multiple bends that snap together with an audible “click” to ensure a secure fit and more consistent installation.

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