At Fresh we specialize in creating modern and functional sites to help build your brand. Coupling your ideas and vision with our expertise, we put together sites that will clearly stand out among your competitors.

What’s Most Important To You?

- Clean, Professional Website Design
- Complete Content Management System (CMS)
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Responsive Team

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Creative Ideas

We specialize in website design tasks, and focus on clean, simple and functional styles. This is particularly important in our web design work, where we believe that websites require great usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, development and other components.


"Your site needs a clearly defined purpose to eliminate any confusion from the start...". This isn't the time for things you want on your site, it's what is needed that is truly important. You only have a few seconds to convince your visitors to stick around and read your message.

Design and Development

By focusing on clean and simple styles we make it possible for you to easily and effectively communicate your message across to visitors. When you exhibit your capabilities with a site that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, you ensure that your business is showcasing its full potential.


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Website Design

"We don't just build web pages… we create an image for your brand." While creating a web page we take many factors into consideration. Essential details like the target market, location of business operations, key objectives and industry are all taken into account in order to tailor your website to fit your needs.

Web Development

Content management is the necessity to update the website on more frequent basis than others. Fresh is experienced and skilled to provide content management solution so that you can update your content at your convenience and can handle and design your pages at your own.

SEO Services

We are skilled in creating efficient SEO which helps in enhancing your profits by meeting your sales targets as well as it also leads to the increase in website traffic automatically. Fresh produces tailored products and services according to the needs and business processes of its clients.

PowerPoint Design

Convey your message with a professional PowerPoint presentation. We offer different levels of PowerPoint slide design and Keynote design services with a very high level of thought process to align with your company's style/ brand.

Logo Design & Branding

Just because it looks simple on the outside — logo designs meaning brand identity that is pleasing, and memorable, without the burden of unnecessary cliché distractions and clutter.


We at Fresh use your thoughts, ideas and message to design an attractive, cost-effective, productive way to communicate with your customers enhancing your company's image and ensure readership.

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Our Work.

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About us.

Fresh.com, an XtremeDev.net product, provides website design and development, printing and logo design, as well as SEO for small to mid-size companies. We make it our mission to rethink website development, bringing our clients clean designs for optimal impact. Our guiding principles remain the foundation of our work and convictions: integrity, sincerity and hard work.

Our Process

- Information Gathering
- Planning
- Design
- Development
- Testing and Delivery
- Maintenance

Our Approach

- Simplicity
- Elegance
- Quality

Our Team

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The difference between a Designer and Developer when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.

— Scott Hanselman

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